Square Rib Pot with Moth Orchid

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Pot Size: 16.5x16.5cm

Plant Size: Large Double


A highly textured contemporary shape, the Square Rib in white is the perfect pot to be styled alongside alternative textured pots, or just as easily be styled in repetition to make for a clean and modern look. Made of 100% terracotta clay, and hand painted and finished  - each piece is a one off individual. This is a cover pot, not intended to be planted directly into, or  intended to be left outdoors permanently.

Paired with a beautiful Moth Orchid, this plant likes be placed in a warm, light area and water them about once a week in winter, and twice a week in summer.  Feed them weekly with a liquid fertiliser in the warmer weather.  The cool night temperatures are what triggers flowering, so don’t keep the heater on overnight!  When all the flowers have faded, cut them just below where the first flower dropped off.  This will encourage a secondary branching of flower buds, increasing your blooming period into later winter. All going to plan, you should get about 5 months of blooms.

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