Sphagnum Moss 150g

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Sphagnum Moss retains moisture excellently & is useful and decorative in terrariums, orchids, pots, hanging baskets, floral arrangements, terrariums & reptile housing.

• Natural organic material
• Superior water holding properties
• Adequate air space
• Been used extensively for packing around roots of bare root plants and for shipping plants.
• Used as lining of hanging basket frames.
• High cation exchange capacity
• Resistance to decay

Available Sizes: 150g Brick (expands to 12lt loose)

Sphagnum moss is the whole moss plant collected alive along with connected dead, but non-decomposed moss parts. Dried sphagnum moss is not generally used in potting mixes but may be used as a top dressing of shredded moss parts over seeds in germination trays. The moss is reported to have some fungicidal activity.

Sphagnum moss has been used extensively for packing around roots of bare root plants and for shipping plants. Another popular application of sphagnum moss has been the lining of hanging basket frames. When frames are used a moistened layer of sphagnum moss about 1 to 2 inches thick is placed around the inside of the wire mess or plastic mesh frame to contain the potting medium added inside the lining.


Ideal for indoor plants. Add a layer on top of pot for decoration and to hold moisture in pot.

Excellent for lining hanging baskets & placing on top of potting mix.

Use to cover foam and for a decorative appearance.

Great moisture holding for these plants that love constant moisture.

Ideal growing media for a wide variety of orchids.
Provides excellent moisture retention & open structures.

Add layers to terrariums to hold moisture. Use to top terrariums for a decorating & functional finish.

Used in reptile enclosures and for vivarium applications, providing essential moisture & humidity.

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