Air plants (Tillandsias)

Air plants (Tillandsias)

Air plants, or tillandsias, have beautiful silvery textures and interesting forms.  Use them to adorn more than fridge magnets.  Create your own sculptural piece on driftwood, plant them in a glass bowl with pebbles, or attach them to some cork and create a wondrous wall hanging.  Your imagination can go wild with these guys – just remember they do love mists naturally and will need to be atomised with a fine spray of water regularly to stay alive.


Water your air plant 2-3 times a week (less frequently in winter) in a luke warm bowl of water for a couple of minutes. Wet all leaflets as this is how the air plant absorbs water. Gently shake air plant downwards to remove any excess water from between the leaflets, most importantly near the stems to avoid rotting.


Air plants will survive indoors and will thrive outdoors in a sheltered area.  As air plants absorb everything through their leaves, avoid keeping them near heaters, gas stoves and airborne sprays like air fresheners.

Indoors: A well lit room is best, potentially a windowsill.  Avoid direct sunlight, morning sun is fine.

Outdoors: Under a veranda or balcony or even attached to a shady tree.  Protect from midday and afternoon sun.


By: Meredith Kirton