Behind The Brand

Gro Urban Oasis is a fresh lifestyle concept,  where simply living better comes to life through a range of inspirational plants, pots and contemporary styling

Search the word ‘Plants’ and it quickly becomes apparent that these beauties are the new rockstars! People have embraced the plant party and are interpreting this in their homes with their own unique spin. From urban jungles to hanging walls to terrarium & kokedamas - never before has plant love been so at the forefront of social passion.

People are reassessing their lives - downsizing, going minimal and going green. At the same time, their personal flair, love of trends and their quest to have only things that spark joy, propel them into their life 2.0, simply living better! Perhaps these key things are the reason plants and nature are rocking our world.

So meet Gro Urban Oasis.  Literally an oasis in a desert of retail sameness!  The experiential retail environment actually takes your breath away and you are drawn into its lushness – passing by is not an option.

The Story

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About Gro

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