Backyard Ready for Entertaining

Backyard Ready for Entertaining

Have you thought ahead to a time when having people over and entertaining is again possible?  The warmer weather is coming, and backyards will once again be the focus for our return to normal.  With this in mind, does your place need a shuzsh?  What can you do to bring life and love back in and add a contemporary look and feel?

Pot Clusters

It’s a numbers game.  Odd numbers feel natural and relaxed, symmetrical pairs add an air of formality, and asymmetrical couples can feel modern and quirky. Work out the look you’re going for, and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Upscaled and Uplifting Effect    

Go big or go home!  Large pots not only make a BIG impact, they are also generally better for plants to grow in.  If you can’t fit in the large pot of your dreams, make it seem taller by using stands and tripods for stacks of impact.

Top Down

Don’t forget to use the ‘roof’ of your garden or balcony.  Trailing plants in baskets from the top down, or using plants to climb up posts and grow overhead, can create a cocooning green room and give is personality.


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 By: Meredith Kirton