Dad Projects

Dad Projects

Every dad loves a project he can get his hands dirty doing. These three are perfect for doing together or giving as a hamper for a DIY weekend.

Create a Kitchen Garden
September is the perfect time to create a vegetable garden. Spring season vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, chilies and capsicums, beans, basil and corn. We stock Vegie Pods, which are perfect for creating your own raised kitchen garden, organic potting mix and Lucerne mulch – great for topping all your edibles with to keep them from drying out. We also have bamboo canes and wooden stakes for making trellising for your tomatoes and climbing beans.
Herb pots can also be a cute way of having bursts of flavor at the ready. We have a huge range of herbs, pots and potting mix so you just have to add the sunshine.

Cactus Creations
Perfect for the dad who likes a ‘set and forget’ plant, cactus cope with neglect like no other plant. We have a great range of smaller succulents (without spines) and cactus for you to great your own mini succulent garden, and larger statement plants for making big impact. We also stock sturdy leather gloves, a range of pebbles, gravels, cacti and succulent potting mix and specially formulated fertiliser, so you can be assured of success.

Become a Worm Farmer
Worms are the easiest pets of all to keep, and our Hungry Bins are the best ‘farm’ systems on the market. What better way is there to spend an hour than by setting up a worm farm and start to compost all your kitchen vegie scraps. With half of all household waste easily compostable, get your own army of worms on the job at your place.

Create a Habitat Garden
Planting with the birds and the bees in mind not only delivers incredible rewards of nature, but is also perfect for our Australian climate. Focusing on lush Aussie natives creates like Grevillea, Kangaroo Paw, Banksia or bottlebrush will create a colour explosion in any garden and their drought tolerant benefits make a native garden a no brainer!

Build a Water feature or Bog Garden
Creating a bog garden can be a fantastic way of making habitat for your garden’s amphibious residents. It’s really a very simple matter of digging a hole less than 30cm deep, lining it with some old plastic, then adding in a layer of gravel and then garden soil back again. Then it is ready for planting. Many plants love this sort of position. Ferns, reeds and rushes, Louisiana iris, calla lilies and natives such as river dog rose, swamp banksia, bottlebrush and tea tree. One plant popular for encouraging frogs are bromeliads; their centres hold reservoirs of water in them making them ideal for frogs to hide and stay moist.
A simple water bowl with a few aquatic plants can be an easy way to create a water feature either as a standalone focal point, or in combination with a bog garden. At Eden Gardens we have some stunning low bowls that are suitable.

By: Meredith Kirton