Feed Your Garden

Feed Your Garden

The warm weather of a changing season kick starts all sorts of changes in your plants.  They awake from their reverie with renewed vigour and literally “spring” into action.  Powering that growth takes sustenance, which is why feeding is so important in early spring.

It’s not just a matter of adding fertiliser, it’s about providing the right environment for your soil’s bacteria to exist and supply micronutrients in available forms plants can use.  This sort of holistic approach results in better soil structure, improved plant nutrition, and better water holding capacity of your plant’s growing media.  Earthlife is a great way of doing this.

We also stock a fished based liquid fertiliser called PowerFeed, which includes soil improvers in the form of humic acids to improve microbial activity in your soils.  They also add nutrient and work as a liquid compost, helping to break up clay soils and reduce leaching in sandy soils, and are easy to apply.

So before you reach for the chemical alternative, consider these Vegan friendly options.

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