First time plant parent, find your perfect plant match

First time plant parent, find your perfect plant match
So many plants and so many places to put them…but what makes the RIGHT plant for your place?  I guess the first thing to remember is that in truth there is no such thing as an indoor plant.  They all evolved outdoors, but plants are adaptable, and make the most out of their circumstances by growing at your place, instead of, perhaps, a rainforest in Borneo!  So what can you do to create the right ecosystem in your lounge room?  Short of running the shower constantly and hosing down the carpet.  Solution?  Match your space to the plant’s needs, and you’ll both be happy.


Bathroom – Humidity and bathrooms often go together, but so too do low light situations, as most of us don’t have huge windows for the neighbour to look in whilst we shower.  Go for a large leafed plant that makes the most of its chlorophyll and can capture light well. Something like a philodendron is ideal.  They come in climbing and non-climbing forms, variegated leaf types and all have a drip point at the end of each leaf, so they can quickly shed any excess water should things really steam up in there.


Bedroom – All of us want sweet dreams, so try growing a perfumed plant like Stephanotis – a white perfumed creeper, or hoya – which have intoxicating pale pink flowers and look great trailing down on a bedroom shelf.  Alternatively, use a flowering plant, like a butterfly orchid, so that the first thing you see in the morning brings you joy.


Lounge – This generally is the largest and brightest room; a place where you can have a little more fun and make a statement.  Plants like palms, fiddle leaf figs, rubber trees, happy plants and dracaenas are good choices.  Who doesn’t like a little jungle indoors?  If you have display shelving, why not break it up with some trailing plants too?  Think Swedish or English ivy for great foliage and form, as well as their air cleaning properties.


Kitchen – everyone want to grow herbs on the kitchen window sill, but the truth is there time there will be limited, as almost all herbs like basking in full sun…so pop them out on the balcony and avoid disappointment. If you are still wanting to give some a go, grow leafy types like basil, parsley and mint – they should last a few months and certainly be better for you and more flavoursome than dried herbs from the pantry.

Halls, Foyers and Common Areas – these places need to have the toughest plants on earth to survive the neglect they can get…no to mention the draughts.  Go for upright foliage that won’t get in the way, like Mother-in-Law’s tongues (Sanserveria) or Cast Iron Plants (Aspidistras) which are both unbeatable, stylish and great at removing toxins from the air.