Garden Sanctuary – create your own Eden

Garden Sanctuary – create your own Eden

Outdoor and natural environments affect us deeply and positively. Many visitors love coming to Eden Gardens just to make them feel good and connected.  They love wandering through the garden, the playfulness of the water dragons, looking at the scribbly gum forest we overlook at Lane Cove National Park or just wandering around our plants for sale.You can create your own Eden or garden sanctuary at your place by mimicking some of the essential ingredients we have used, so take ‘a leaf out of our book’.

Garden Rejuvenation and Clear out

Is it time to declutter you garden?  Or maybe just prune back and rework some plants that may have out grown their welcome.  Summer can really promote growth, and autumn and winter can be the ideal time to trim back, transplant and replace areas in your garden.  Do a ‘Marie Kondo’ and organise the shed and all that’s out of control to get some Zen back into your backyard.

Get Clean and Green

There are plenty of organic alternatives to pesticides, weedicides and fertilisers.  At Eden we have a range of organics, including potting mix, which you can use.  We also have Hungry Bin worm farms to recycle all your organic waste and provide you with worm fertiliser. A quick water blast of paths and hard surfaces and brush down of cob webs and raking up of leaves can really help give a freshen up to your garden. 

Breathe Easier

We have a display garden here that was developed with The Asthma Foundation.  Wander down and check it out for inspiration on plants that take the sneeze and wheeze out of your back yard for allergy sufferers.  For a big picture ‘breathe easy’ approach, why not plant a tree – the earth’s lungs – and help the planet filter its air too.

Nourish yourself

Check out our range of vegie pods to help you grow your own organic crops efficiently and easily in their own bug proof pods.   It’s a great way to grow leafy greens and include more salads in your diet.  We also stock a selection of microgreens that can be grown on your kitchen window sill.  Lastly, plant some herbs.  Many herbs are great for wellness. 

Indoor Plants

Don’t limit yourself to outdoors.  Green you indoors too and counteract those harmful chemicals by using leaves to filter out toxins.

Stimulate your Senses

Plant bird attracting plants like grevilleas and provide wildlife habitat such as hollow logs and prickly bushes in your garden so you can listen to your own real-life nature soundtrack. Add some fragrant flower and scented foliage and your garden will smell as good as it looks, and you’ll be able to bring sprigs inside to perfume your home naturally.  


By: Meredith Kirton