Investing in Plants Now to Enjoy All Year

Investing in Plants Now to Enjoy All Year

Everyone loves bringing home some flowering plants to add colour to their courtyard, terrace or interiorspaces but investing in more than just flowers can prove a wise decision post their display.  Think about form, longevity, texture and foliage colour to ensure you are enjoying your plant finds all year round.

Fantastic Plants for Form

It’s hard to go past a strap leafed plant to add an architectural quality to your plantings.  Think cordylines, Zanzibar, dragon trees and even mother-in-law’s tongues.  If you’re after big leaves for dramatic effect, philodendrons, Dracena, monsteras, Fatsias, cunjevoi or elephants’ ears. 

Textural Contrast

Adding plants of different textures, like lacy foliage (like tree ferns), succulents (like Agave), felted or furry foliage (many kalanchoes) and glossy leaves (like Xanadu) can be really interesting to look at year-round.  Think about grouping them together to make maximum impact.

Foliage Colour

Long after the flowers have faded, colourful leaved plants like pothos, rubber trees, dracaenas, cordylines, pleomeles, crotons, calathea, many bromeliads, and begonias will be doing their thing. 

There are many others, of course, so pop in store to get advice on the right plant for your position.


By:  Meredith Kirton