Plants for Every living space

Plants for Every living space

Add a soothing calm to your indoor living lifestyle

Plants work in a variety of ways to lift an interior. They can be a useful decoration, adding texture, colour and height to a room, by way of flowers or ceramic containers. Greenery creates a sense of calm and tranquillity. Many plants also remove toxins from the atmosphere, so you get the added bonus of cleaner air. It’s easier to look after large potted plants, as they have more established roots and can be a little more forgiving. Smaller pots need more water and attention. The simple addition of herbs in the kitchen window add flavour to your food and fragrance to the room. Always choose the right plant for the position, matching light conditions, air conditioning or fresh air environments and your watering regime will ensure success. Bring photos and ask for advice if you’re unsure.


This generally is the largest and brightest room where you can have fun and make a statement. Plants like palms, fiddle leaf figs, rubber trees, happy plants and dracaena's are good choices. If you have display shelving, break it up with some trailing plants – Swedish or English ivy is great for foliage, form and their air cleaning properties.


Humidity and bathrooms often go together, but so too do low light situations. Go for a large leafed plant that makes the most of its chlorophyll and can capture light well. Something like a philodendron is ideal. They come in climbing and non-climbing forms, variegated leaf types and all have a drip point at the end of each leaf, so they can quickly shed any excess water should things really steam up in there.


All of us want sweet dreams, so try growing a perfumed plant like Stephanotis, a white perfumed creeper, or hoya, which have intoxicating pale pink flowers and look great trailing down a bedroom shelf. Alternatively, use a flowering plant, like an orchid, so that the first thing you see in the morning brings you joy