season tips to stay on top

season tips to stay on top

Summer is the time to cut corners. Check out our great hacks to have your plants looking fantastic fast…and let you enjoy the sunshine!

Plants should be re-potted when they’re actively growing, so they quickly grow into their new position.

Step 1. Tell-tale signs include drooping leaves, yellowing leaves, and circling roots.

Step 2. Make sure you plant is well watered before re-potting, to minimise the risk of transplant shock.

Step 3.Carefully support the plant with one hand and turn it upside down. Loosen the pot by tapping it or giving it a tug. Once the plant has come free remove any spiralling and matted roots that might have developed at the base. Use a clean, sharp pair of secateurs for this.

Step 4. Replant into its new pot using Premium Standard potting mix, which has the 5 red ticks. Make sure the soil level is the same in the new pot as it was in the old i.e. You haven’t buried the plant deeper or exposed its roots.

Step 5.Water in your plant well, drain, and then water in some Seasol to help it settle into its new digs. Keep the plant out of direct sun a few days till its settled.