Succulent Bowls

Our bespoke succulent bowls are as individual as you are. No two bowls are ever the same. Succulents are surging in popularity, and it’s no wonder - they are virtually maintenance free, with very low-water needs and they look good all year round.

Succulents are diverse. Their shapes and textures range from rose-like to dainty beads, daisies and fluffy mounds and jellybean like. They also come in surprising shades of blue, teal, silver, chartreuse and burgundy.

Try one at home or at work. Not only do they look good, but the presence of plants helps promote creativity, productivity and general wellbeing.

Succulent success stories start with a bright, sunny spot. Add liquid fertiliser once a month and top dress with dolomite once a year. Use succulent and cactus potting mix when potting and always let them drain freely – if you must have a saucer underneath them then keep them up off the water using pebbles. Reduce watering in winter.

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