Ten Simple Green Ideas to do in a COVID Confinement

Ten Simple Green Ideas to do in a COVID Confinement

Keeping yourself busy with worthwhile projects doesn’t get any better than these.

  1. Tinned Herbs – turn you COVID pantry into a mini herb garden that will add flavor to any canned concoction you’re whipping up to save yourself a trip to the shops.


  1. Twig Wall Hanging – go wild with your imagination and create a unique wall hanging from twigs, sticks and other found garden goodies.


  1. Up cycled t-shirt hanger - get knotted and creative with your old t-shirts to easily create a hanging planter.


  1. Dried grasses – this trend in floral design has gone crazy on Insta. Learn how to preserve your own for interior styling.


  1. Pot luck – reinvent your old silverware, op shop finds and retro china and turn them into containers for your favourite indoor plants.


  1. Fun and games – make your own living chess set from small tins painted black and white, and a tiled table top. Fill them with paired cactus for the main players, and matching succulents for the pawns.


  1. Palm Fun day – Like dried grasses and flowers, palm fronds used in giant vases as statement pieces are a leading trend in interiors. Create your own.


  1. Seed raising – so much easier than you might realise, and a cheap way of growing fresh food. Upcycle your egg-cartons, reuse your toilet rolls, create paper planter or use peat pots from the nursery.


  1. DIY totems – give your Devil’s Ivy or Swiss Cheese Plant somewhere to go with an easy to make coir totem that will take them places.


  1. Twig tripods – turn your prunings into plant stands for sweetpeas and you’ll be bringing in bunches of cut flowers all spring.


By: Meredith Kirton