The Best Plants for Lowlight

The Best Plants for Lowlight

Do you want to know a dark secret?   Come close and I’ll tell you the best plants for low light areas.  The ones you can trust to come through when all else fails, and I’m not talking about plastic fantastic, but the real deal!  It’s as easy as ABC.

Here’s the A-Z!

The top pick would have to be an Aspidistra, otherwise known as Cast Iron Plant, pretty much because it’s that tough, and will tolerate low light conditions and infrequent watering.    Then there are Monstera, or Fruit Salad plants.  They are not only one of the IT #plantsofinstagram, but their giant leaves also capture light efficiently, meaning they can seek out those rays that others may miss.  For an almost unkillable, killer looking plant, Zamiocalcas or ZZ’s is another hero.  It’s a stalwart survivor, popular with indoor plant hiring companies as it copes with dry conditions as well…and it always looks good.

The trick is, when you have plants with little or no light, don’t over water.  Keeping them on the drier side helps them stay in hibernation, where they might not grow much, but at least they maintain their holding pattern!

TIP If you still have no success, buy two plants and swap them around – one week in the dark, once in better lit areas, so that they have a spell to recover.