Timely Advice

Timely Advice

Autumn great time to plant, so think about planting a hedge to create some privacy, pop in a tree for shade or perhaps use ground covers to cover any bare patches, and reduce weeds in your garden.  It’s a good time to also think about encouraging wildlife into your garden, with bowls of water safely stowed in trees, bee and butterfly friendly plantings and Australian Native plants.  It’s also great timing for those wanting to reduce their food miles, so plant some edibles, be it a salad bowl or a potted fruit tree, and grow your own instead.


Timely reminders:

Put in bulbs - don’t forget containerised options too. You can have gorgeous indoor vases of flowers by planting hyacinths in glass, tulips in pots for spring or lilies for summer.  The options for gardeners are huge too, and at Eden we have a great range of bulbs that are adapted to hot and dry conditions, making them the ideal choice for today’s climate.


Revamp your kitchen garden - peas, cabbage, caulis, broccoli and broad beans can all be planted now.  It’s also a great time to plant leafy greens like lettuce, rocket and parsley, and tricky herbs like coriander and dill.


Plant some colour - who doesn’t need flowers in their life?  It’s time to plant sweet peas, stocks, poppies and pansies...all of which make the most wonderful posies and keep flowering for months. 


Feed - treat your tired garden to a repairing and replenishing dose of Seasol, and follow it up with some Earthlife Garden Mate, which is a balanced organic product perfect for nourishing their needs.  Citrus can also do with a boost now to help them produce bigger, juicier fruits throughout winter.


Pruning - if you have damaged, burnt foliage it can safely be trimmed off now and encourage that new, fresh growth to come through.  Faded flowers should also be removed to encourage a second flush