Top three Indoor plants for beginners

Never tried having pot plants before?  Perhaps you find it difficult to look after them and forget that their needs are greater than the rest of the furniture…these three won’t let you down.

  1. Get a terrarium! The fact that they are enclosed means that they partially look after themselves. They just need a well-lit spot, the odd spritz of water and an occasional prune.


  1. Cacti and Succulents are great if you have a sunny spot inside or out, and their fleshy leaves store moisture making them perfect for those that forget to give their plants water. The trick is to make sure that the have enough sunlight – the love basking.


  1. Rubber plants are terrific as long term ‘plant pets’, as they will live for decades and are perfectly happy being root bound. There are many different coloured leaf forms too, so choose from the cream or pink variegated forms, or the purple leafed ‘Burgundy’. They will cope in dark positions, but prefer a brighter spot, and like to dry out slightly between drinks.

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