ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

Botanical name: Zamioculcaszamifolia
Common name: Zanzibar Gem

Care instructions.
Light: will cope with darker positions than most 
indoor plants, though will also grow outside in the shade.
Watering: keep it on the dryer side over winter and never sit in a saucer of water as it can rot.
Feeding: slow-release plant food in spring.

Tip: these are very slow growing plants so be patient or buy one the size you need it straight away. When mature, ZZ plants will grow to about 1m in size.

They can also be divided once they clump. This is best done in spring.

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Zamioculcusare also called ZZ plants.  They are native to Africa and a member of the Aroid Family.  Their bulbous rhizomes make them extremely tolerant to drought (and susceptible to rot), so only water them once a month in winter when they are not actively growing.

Other varieties

There are also has dark, nearly black foliage varieties including ‘Raven’ (also known as ‘Dowon’)and ‘Jungle Warrior’.


By: Meredith Kirton