Biodiversity on the Balcony

Biodiversity on the Balcony

This World Environment Day, the United Nations is urging us to learn how all living things on Earth are connected in the web of life and how we can act #ForNature.

Biodiversity on your balcony is one way urban areas can contribute to the health of our ecosystem. What can you do even on a small space?

Water. Create a water bowl (or saucer or both) placing a stick in the bowl to give birds an entry and exit point, and a few larger rocks or pebbles.

Mount a nesting box and insect hotel to encourage different species.

Consider having your own native bee hive.

If you have an area outside in the shade, put in a community Hungry Bin worm farm to recycle your strata's organic matter.

NATIVES, NATIVES, NATIVES. They will attract birds, native bee hives and butterflies - even up high.


By Meredith Kirton

 #worldenvironmentday #itstimefornature