Black Friday – Find Your Perfect Plant and Pot Pairing

What’s black about Friday with these great eight green specials?

  1. HEART leaf philodendrons are the perfect gift for your sweetHEART; they also are hardy enough to outlive most relationships!
  2. Maidenhair ferns are the most coveted of all; once you’ve found the right perfect spot for them, they live happily ever after.
  3. Syngoniums are the perfect plant for a new relationship with gardening; they are tough, cope with too much AND too little water remarkably well, and will trail or climb as required. If only people could be this flexible!
  4. Zanzibar Gem look like a fern crossed with a fossil, and are tough as and long lived. What a treasure? They just don’t like lying in the wet spot, so keep them well drained.
  5. Strelitzia nicolai can create a green screen, room divider or just stunning feature plant. Lush and large, this is the ultimate ‘tall dark and handsome’ version of a potted plant.
  6. Boston ferns have travelled the world (unlike us atm) and found favour in every corner of it. Their long, luscious fronds make them the perfect hanging basket plant for balconies, bright bathrooms and shaded verandahs.
  7. Spathiphyllum or Peace lilies are truly the perfect Chrissie present – after all, Peace and good will to all! Snap up these guys now and pop them under your tree for Kris Kringles, teachers gifts and unexpected guests; they are hardy and resilient, and will be the perfect plant pressie.
  8. Birds Nest ferns are such a statement piece, with their green rosette of foliage creating ‘open arms’ for leaf litter to fall into. They are wonderful for shaded areas in the garden, or brightly lit areas inside, and almost irresistible not to fall for!