Cactus and Succulents

Cactus and Succulents

Cacti are terrific choices for hot, sun baked gardens.  In the gardens at Eden there are a variety of sites that prove difficult for most plants yetare perfect are for these prickly cases.  As you drive down into our underground carpark, check out the lovely garden filled with barrel cactus, agaves, aloes and Euphorbia crown of thorns, and look at the rooftop tower in the main display garden, with has another variety ofEuphorbia tirucalli called firesticks , all thriving with no care.

Simon Ainsworth, the owner of Eden Gardens, loves cactus and succulents.  He the Patron of the Cactus and Succulent Society of NSW and has a collection himself.  It’s no wonder Eden Gardens have such a good range in their retail nursery.  We also make a range of custom designed combos.  Our cactus bowls are tough, drought tolerant miniature gardens that are right on trend.  To get an instant look that's ready to go, they’re hard to go past.  We are a range of styles with something for everyone's taste, all thoughtfully created by our own staff to help you get the look and results you're after.  Perfect for courtyards, table displays and gifts.  If you’d rather pot your own though, read here.

So what is a cactus?


They are a diverse group of plants with succulent stems and spines, often well known for their spectacular flowers and sculptural forms.  Many have evolved in desert environments, so they’re often able to cope with neglect, though the more you can offer them, the more they’ll give back. Succulents simply don’t have the spines.

Growing tips.

  • Rotate plants on window sills so that they grow evenly.
  • Use cactus and succulent mix.
  • Plants should be allowed to dry out between soakings, which is normally twice a week in summer and about once a month in winter.
  • Fertilise with slow release fertiliser in spring
  • Many cactus are suited to indoors – ask our staff which ones should work at your place
  • Repot wearing gloves and lift the cactus using polystyrene ‘handles’ to help you avoid the spines