Gifts for Everyone

Gifts for Everyone

At Eden Gardens we have the perfect gift for everyone, not just a living bunch of flowers for your mum or growing Christmas tree for your dad…

Beginner plant parents: Do you know someone about to go away to university?  A terrarium is the perfect pressie as they’re tricky to kill, in their own self-contained world. What about a niece or nephew that’s just going off to their first job?  An office plant like a potted cactus will survive an air-conditioned environment, drying out between drinks and make a statement. 

First home buyers: the garden is often the last thing cash strapped families have money for.  Give them a Hungry Bin or Vegie Pod.  Both are ‘big ticket’ items but will last them a lifetime and keep giving back, be it with wonderful garden compost or lovely leafy greens each night for salad.

Unconvinced plant parents: The carefree brother-in-law or cross patchy uncle who doesn’t have time to smile, is always overseas and doesn’t believe in global warming?  The answer must be a succulent bowl.  They can live in anywhere (even with their head in the sand) and are a bit like a world on their own…and they can take it when the temperatures ramp up!

Finicky plant parent: Do you have a great gardening aunt that has a magnificent garden?  How about a flowering poinsettia or gorgeous Anthurium ‘Flamingo Flower’?  Or for that uncle that’s always clipping and tidying, why do get them a bonsai so that they can be meddling and a little OCDC in a good way!

Budding nature’s children: to encourage kids to garden, grab a plant.  We have some dear little terrariums starters so they can make their own glass garden in a jam jar.

Elderly plant parents: if you’re not as mobile as you used to be or have limited space at home these days, it doesn’t mean you can’t treasure a flowering gift.  We have some orchids that flower for months and will keep on giving pleasure into the New Year.


By: Meredith Kirton