Gifting Ideas from GRO Urban Oasis

Gifting Ideas from GRO Urban Oasis

 This is a line we feel passionate about here. We say it all the time, and not just at Christmas!  In these times of socially conscious decisions, less is more and save the world, doing our part is the least we can do.  

At Gro we stand behind our statement of Live Better, Simply.  We live and breathe this and no matter what the season we can help you with the green you want and the advice you need.  But during these times of beautiful gifting we want to send out the message that everyone should consider a greener gifting option. A plant greener option!

A living gift will grow and be around long after the petals have fallen and the tinsel is down. So switch the pile of coloured paper and plastic on the floor after Christmas lunch that you’re already having regrets about.  Your lucky recipient will be looking at it for years to come and it will grow with them, as will your friendship and love.    A living gift is a welcome stranger in the sea of second thoughts.  It’s the gift that will still be around long after last of the ham has finally been eaten.

You can dress them up with a stunning slip on pot or basket or they can arrive à lanaturale with our giving gift wrapping (donations go to Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets) so that they are ready for any occasion.

Plant gifts work for everyone! If you’re loved ones are finally returning to work at the office, gift them a pot plant to take with them - a cactus is a great reminder to socially distance! Plants are the ultimate professionals.  

Go super green a gift someone a Vege Pod so they can grow their own if they’re in locked down, or a Hungry Bin so at least the worms can eat all those leftovers!

There’s choices or beginners or for plant pros, for those looking for something unique or something to eat and grow.

GRO together

Do you have a family gathering coming up?  Have you ever thought about running your own ‘workshop’ with your relatives?  This Christmas why not gift your loved ones an experience that you can do ‘on the day’? Try potting up a novelty planter or, for the adventurous, why not make a terrarium together? You can buy ready-made terrarium kits and follow our video step by step so you know you’ll be successful.  It’s something that everyone will enjoy doing and can be a great team building exercise. 

Trust plants to know how to diffuse Christmas tensions, occupy the kids and by the gift that keeps on giving!

By: Meredith Kirton