Indoor Plants for Spring

Indoor Plants for Spring

We know that everyone gets such joy from the arrival of Spring.  It’s a real time to reset, re-organise and renew in all areas of our lives.

There’s so much inspiration and information around on how to embrace the season outdoors, but what does Spring look like for our indoor plant friends.

Each spring is an opportunity to include flowering indoor plants in your interiors.  Your lush green jungle can get some spring colour through beauties like flowering moth orchids and vibrant flowering cyclamen.  Both will flower for about 6 weeks.  Cyclamen can be planted outside under deciduous trees when they have finished flowering.  Moth orchids need to be kept somewhere warm and bright indoors but will re-flower again in the right position.

It’s not just about flowers, it’s also about foliage.  Think fresh palm fronds as they push out new growth, ferns unfurling fresh green fiddleheads and the stunning multi-coloured foliage of plants like peperomias, devil’s ivy and calatheas.

Spring is also a great time to do some spring-cleaning.  Not just by wiping down some of your indoor plants with a damp cloth to freshen them up, but also by adding indoor plants that will clean your air.  Try adding 5 indoor plants to you living rooms for 75% cleaner air…or go for maximum impact and health benefits with 10 plants.

Spring is also a great time to start repotting your indoor plants – especially important if your indoor plants are pot bound or not taking up water properly.  Repotting your plants into a larger container obviously gives them more room to grow, and the weather at this time of year is triggering your plants to do just that.  Make sure you water the plant thoroughly first, then gently remove it from the pot so you don’t damage it.  This may mean levering it out gently with a spatula down the inside of the pot first. Cleanly cut off any tightly matted roots from the base of the plant, which sounds drastic but, as long as you water them carefully afterwards, should lead them to healthy new growth.  Pot them up into a pot about 5-10cm larger than the existing one, and apply some Seasol.

Come instore for any Spring plant guidance you need.  We are here to help you Gro.