Ben David ‘Just Because’

Ben David ‘Just Because’

Flowers were once a luxury we saved for special occasions or hospital visits. We never considered our homes worthy of a spray of champagne roses ‘just because’. Back then when the florist asked if they were for ourselves, we’d smile sheepishly and nod. Nowadays however, this attitude has flipped on its head.

In the aftermath of Covid, we have greater empathy for the need to self soothe as a collective. A majestic lily in a beautiful vase, on a chest of drawers, can evoke a sense of serenity and joy that will last as long as the flower, but what if we find a vase so special and so unique that it competes with the arrangement?

Ben David by Kas has created such a vase. A unique and exciting collection in both glass and ceramic. You will be lured by their organic curves and exciting colours, hand crafted by artisans and asymmetric in design. As a single piece, in pairs or in a cluster, their shape and size demand space. These elegant and unusual pieces carry enough pull to transform your interior all on their own. In fact they may even inspire an entire makeover as they will not be kind around clutter.

The matte-finished Tully vase is available in two sizes that work effortlessly together. They will pop on a shelf beside a bright, modern canvas and sing on a buffet with a few long-stemmed gerberas. Choose from Tabasco, Olive, White and Blush.

The high-gloss Cino is a bright and fun alternative with its wide, curvaceous form and distinctive design. The impressive size of these vases make them a perfect standalone option or pair them with a ceramic like the Squat vase with its slick, sculptural edge designed to uplift a simple, floral arrangement. Inspired by sparkling seaside villages dotted along the azure Mediterranean coastline, these vases will summon the wanderlust in your favourite space. Let them play hero amongst treasures collected from your favourite travels destinations.

If it’s simply a clean and classic centrepiece you’re after for your dining table, Ben David by Kas will fulfil the brief. With a large variety of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from in our stores and online, your biggest challenge will be settling for just one, so why not make it two? Your home is worth it, ‘just because’.

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