Kentia Palms

Kentia palms have dark green, elegant foliage and graceful, arching fronds perfect for interiors.  Best of all, they live happily in pots for many, many years, and cope with low light positions.

To keep them thriving, follow these tips:

  • Keep the palm fronds clean and wipe down any dust.
  • Allow them to dry out slightly over winter, then up the water and fertilise regularly as the temperatures increase.
  • Spell them outside in the shade every few months for a week if you can and give them a hose down.
  • Fertiliser with liquid fertiliser during spring and summer
  • Sometimes mealy bugs, scale and red spider (two spotted mites) can cause problems indoors. A non-toxic Eco oil spray used occasionally can help.
  • Repot palm every few years Eden Garden’s Premium Mix.