Kris Kringle Gift Ideas

Kris Kringle Gift Ideas

Have you started Kris Kringle at work yet?  We have a range of gifts that make the perfect pressie in every price range.  Here are a few ideas for your colleague, classmates or family.

Living in your own little world?  Don’t worry, so are terrariums.  They are great as office gifts as the air-conditioning doesn’t affect them and they are fairly self-contained, able to last even when you go on holidays... unlike the goldfish!  We can custom make you up a terrarium or you can rush in and run out with a premade “ready to grow” number

Grafted Cactus: Read into what you will… they can pass as Rudolf’s Nose, red baubles or a perhaps the perfect gift for the office PR#*K?

Fortune Seeker Lucky Bamboo may be just the answer!  It’s a type of Dracenathat grows just about anywhere -  maybe that's why they are lucky?  Also known as Happy Plants, they will out a smile on even the crankiest office Grinch.

Ambitious co-worker? “Dog eat dog” or in this case, “plant eat bug” with carnivorous Plants.  You can’t go past Venus Fly Traps, Pitcher Plants and sundews.  They not only look fabulous but they also eat flies, mosquitoes and other bugs, making them the perfect present for any curious creature.

By: Meredith Kirton