Kris Kringle Plant Presents

Kris Kringle Plant Presents

What to bring, when you’re told not to bring a thing…well chocolates are a bit overdone, alcohol has its vices, but a plant really brings smiles without any calories or complications!


So, what can you buy for the same price as one of the ‘gesture’ gifts? At Eden we’re doing 2 for $40 bespoke kokedama balls – the perfect quirky hostess gift. They last and last too, growing well in most well-lit spots providing they’re submerged once a week, so you’ll be able to see them next year!  For something a little different, you might want to book into your own DIY workshop and come along and make one yourself at our parent store Eden in Macquarie Park.


We also have a range of novelty pots and plants guaranteed to make you smile.  There’s Buster Bear, Gulliver, Tilley, Andy Cat and many more, all from $9.98.  If that’s not going to tick some boxes at work or for the teacher, then nothing will.


For a miraculous gift, why not give a plant that CAN live off thin air.  Air plants, or tillandsias are more than a novelty, they are actually a type of bromeliad… like an insey winsey tiny pineapple. There are a number of different varieties, but the most popular is probably Spanish Moss, which grows really well in trees and looks like living tinsel, but can also grow indoors if regularly ‘spritzed’.


In Victorian days people use to hide secret messages in their gifts, coded in plants.  You could take a leaf out of their book...for example, orchids were given as a sign of luxury, and the more beautiful the orchid the deeper your love!  Perhaps the modern take on this could be giving a Peace lily to someone you want to make amends with this Christmas, or a Cactus for that colleague you’ve never quite gelled with!  Maybe there’s more complexity to this garden gifting after all!


By: Meredith Kirton