Meet the Zanzibar Gem

Have you met the ZZ plant? Zamioculcaszamifolia is too much of a mouthful for most of us to manage, so no wonder it is called simply ZZ, or by its cultivar name, which is Zanzibar Gem.  The tricky name is the only difficult thing about this plant.  Otherwise it is one of the easiest indoors to grow, with dark waxy fern-like leaves that are quite tolerant of low light conditions and even a forgetful watering regime.  In fact, the only way you can kill this guy is with kindness. Too much water will result in calamity, with yellowing leaves that start to drop off the first sign you’re probably overdoing it, or the drainage is failing; once every three weeks is normally plenty.

So now you’ve met, find yourself a pot and plant one at your place.  It will be great company and become your new best friend.