This June, our NEW IN range will launch instore and online and bring with it a lot of fresh looks across pots, vases and glassware.  Our bestselling tripods are back in new colours and styles and are just perfect for when you are looking to elevate your plants.

There will be 25% off all baskets storewide making it the ideal time to buy 3 to create your own cluster!  Zanzibar gems will also be 25% off from June 1-23.  

Our new plant and basket combo will feature the stunning Peace Lily paired with the Arlo basket, available in Small and Medium.  Peace lilies are known for more than just their good looks as they are one of the best plants for wellness with air purifying superpowers. They are also perfect for beginners as they tell you when they need a drink by their lush leaves looking sad and they can be placed in areas with lower light.

Visit us instore or online today and be inspired.



With their striking, oval, dark green leaves and their easy going personality the ZZ plant, or Zanzibar Gem, could easily be your next best friend.  They don’t give you any hassle and quite happily thrive on neglect, making them the perfect accessory to your busy life. When you do happen to give them some attention, give their lovely leaves a shine with a damp washcloth as nobody looks good with blocked pores!



Our new duo features the absolute queen of the plant wellness world - the Peace Lily paired in our best-selling ARLO basket. This plant beauty is an absolute all-rounder, delivering maximum air purification through its lush glossy leaves and is one of the few indoor plants to reveal a stunning tall white flower in Spring.

Our best-selling ARLO basket is hand made in natural fibres and comes in a neutral colour.

Available in 2 sizes these wellness duos are a must-have for any home or make an incredible gift for someone special.