Rubber Plant Burgundy

Want a trouble free tree for indoors?  It’s hard to go past the wine-red leafed Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’.  Its thick glossy, leathery leaves have a lustrous look that works with any styling.  They enjoy having their leaves polished with a moist cloth to keep them clean and shiny.

To get the best results,grow them in a filtered light position.  We recommend feeding them every few weeks with a liquid fertiliser like Thrive All Purpose liquid plant food, and letting them dry out slightly between watering. To encourage bushiness, pinch out the growing tips, but wear gloves and be careful of the latex sap dripping on your furniture! 

Remember that the size of the pot will limit their growth, so if you want it tall, pot your plant into a larger pot, and if you want to keep it small, they can even be kept as a bonsai.  Whatever you do, don’t plant them in the ground unless you have room for a tree that grows more than 20m tall and wide!