Spend & Savour

Spend & Savour

Once upon a time before the internet, we had magazines. They were our Instagram and our Pinterest, however, magazines were expensive so we often skipped the odd meal to save for next month’s edition of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, but they nourished us in ways that food never could.

Vogue was more than just a magazine, it was a fashion accessory. Tucked under the arm like a clutch or strategically protruding from our handbag, magically, it made our Target skirt look suddenly expensive.

Pouring over the glossy pages during our commute to work, we conceded that we would never afford a Fendi bag but we could admire the way in which it was styled, stirring the sleepy fashionista in us all. Come Saturday we’d scour goodwill stores for something Fendi-esque and in finding it, we also found our happiness at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Back then delayed gratification was not a conscious decision, it was a way of life. These days it’s practised mindfully in order to strengthen character and enhance reward. Imagine having to wait a whole month to view the next post from your favourite influencer? Our coffee-stained and dog- eared Vogues were sentimentally added to a precarious pile in anticipation of the next shiny edition.

There’s no denying Covid forced a slow down. So slow in fact, we were almost at a stand still and the economy seems to be following suit. Now more than ever, we are seeking maximum joy at minimal cost but how do we measure something as subjective as joy and if it costs no more than a magazine, is it fair to expect that it lasts longer than a magazine takes to read? As an impatient and dopamine- starved society, perhaps that is the question we need to ask ourselves when it comes to parting with our hard-earned coins. They say money can’t buy happiness, but does that depend on what we buy?

We don’t need the latest anything and we don’t have to have it right now. We want to live not only long lives but quality lives in relatively good health. We’re repairing rather than replacing our phones, our cars and our appliances. We’re eating more home-made meals because we realise, happiness can be found in the process of cooking and sharing that process, not just the meal. We want quality over quantity because investing in something unique and well-crafted will return years of joy in both beauty and function.

Beautiful, functional, unique and well-crafted pieces are at the heart of everything on offer at Eden and Gro Urban Oasis stores this month where you will find the opportunity to maximise the joy your purchases bring during our exciting  Spend and Save promotion.


Start with a newly-arrived, Ben David by Kas vase. These are unique, timeless and beautiful works of art in both glass and ceramic. You will be captivated by their organic curves and vibrant colours, hand crafted by artisans and asymmetric in design. As a single piece, in pairs or a cluster, their shape and size demand space. These elegant and unusual pieces carry enough pull to transform your interior all on their own. In fact they may even inspire an entire makeover. Invite these vases into your home and double your joy by adding a beautiful arrangement, the whimsy of hand-picked wildflowers and natives or the drama of a single Monstera or Strelitzia leaf. Perfect on your buffet, bookcase or coffee table the Ben David by Kas collection is not just another vase.

Sleep with a smile and wake refreshed with our very own, pleasantly affordable range of 100% Mulberrry Silk Pillowcases by Urban Oasis. Naturally hypoallergenic while being gentle on your hair and skin, this elegant collection is available in a range of stylish colours to suit your existing bedroom décor. They present beautifully boxed which makes them the perfect gift!

Quell the wanderlust in your heart with Saarde’s exotic collection of room sprays and hand washes. Tangier, Andalusia, Anatolia and Istanbul evoke memories of fearless, intrepid wanderers propelled to set across ochre mountains to manifest dreams and create an alchemy of incense and spice. Beautifully presented in glass, pop their hand wash straight onto your bathroom vanity and relish every wash.

With patience comes great reward and a Vegepod will keep on rewarding for weeks on end thanks to their unique self-watering system. Portable and pest free the ever-popular Vegepod is perfect for the novice gardener, balconies and small yards. Available in three sizes, this is an amazing opportunity to invest in your first pod or upgrade your existing pod and increase your crop.

Explore our very own range of fragrances for your home. Our Urban Oasis candles are hand poured in Byron Bay with 100% pure soy. Vegan friendly, with no petroleum, paraffin or palm oil, our candles feature white, opaque jars and are made with pure cotton wicks to ensure a clean burn. Allow your mind and body to slow down with a choice of four, luxurious, fragrance blends including Aromatic Herbs and Sea Salt, Citrus Blossom and Chai, Amber, Bourbon and Vanilla and Fragrant Blooms and Oud. With a 50 hour burn time our candles are amazing value!

Joy is in the journey and when we find ourselves responsible for another living thing, whether it be animal or vegetable, the reward we receive through love, through yield or through beauty is both priceless and immeasurable so take a stroll through our garden at Eden or pop into a Gro Urban Oasis store via your weekly grocery trip and take home a delicate, cascading Heart Leaf or trendy Hoya.

Reward yourself by way of a lush cane palm or breathtaking orchid. There are countless varieties of plants to suit any style or theme in your home and garden. Speak to one of our knowledgeable team members or horticulturalists to help you choose the right plant for your needs and the best products to prolong the life of your plant and the joy it will bring to your home.

The Spend and Save offer is on for a limited time and it won’t be replenished as fast as your Instagram feed so savour this opportunity to find something beautiful, functional, unique and well- crafted that will bring you happiness for a lot longer than it takes to read a magazine!

Amalia Longin