Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’
Summer is a time of lush growth, verdant greens and long days with extra daylight allowing us to snatch some strolls outside on the beach after work and play a few extra overs of backyard cricket.
Bringing that relaxed vibe inside extends the sense of summer, regardless of the season. A few key items will make your home feel like a holiday destination year-round. Chunky rattan baskets add texture and a casual feel, white and pale toned pots add a sense of light to room - even if it’s short on windows, and natural timber tones plant stands and bowls can add to your natural, earth palette.
When it comes to plants, palms, ferns and foliage will add the “essence of jungle” you want to feel like you’re at a tropical resort. Plants make you not only feel good, but they help take toxins out of the air so you have a healthier habitat at home for your family to thrive. Layer your indoor garden with macrame and rope hanging baskets coming down from the ceiling, trailing plants cascading from shelves, and big statement plants creating an indoor canopy.
Perfect Palms
There are palms to suit every spot, inside and out. For filling a bright corner with towering fronds, it’s hard to go past a Golden Cane Palm, with its bright bold gold stems. For lower light positions, choose the darker foliage and slower growing Kentia Palm, which is native to Lord Howe Island, but happy to hang out on the mainland! Smaller spaces, like coffee tables and bathroom vanities, can suit Parlour Palms - a dainty yet hardy pot plant. Outside on the terrace, you might want to try a Cabbage Leaf or Bismarck Palm - both famous for their fronds, with the later boasting silver tones.
Fabulous Ferns
There are so many types of ferns, from tree ferns to ground covers. Inside or in sheltered spots in the shade outside, the soft fronds of the Maiden hair are much coveted. For hanging positions, the Boston Fern is fabulous providing you get enough light. Birds nest ferns are an Australian native and have great form, with their rosette of green, to add to a sculptural element to your indoor garden or courtyard. For something a bit different, don’t forget Elkhorns and Staghorns, which grow on walls and can be hung like a painting on a board, can give height and interest.
Fantastic Foliage
Imagine large purple-leafed Philodendrons climbing up a totem, variegated Devil’s Ivy railing down a bookshelf, and colourful Cordylines adding splashes or pink and gold. There are so many variations in foliage plants you don’t have to rely on flowers for colour. Think silvery Prayer Plants, white speckled peace lilies and the gorgeous colours you can get large leafed rubber plants in.

By: Meredith Kirton