The Best Indoor Plant For You, According To Your Star Sign

We already know that indoor plants are good for us. Besides brightening up our rooms, studies have found that women whose homes are filled with fauna tend to have increased levels of happiness and a longer life expectancy than their foliage-free friends.
Similarly, another study found that spending time taking care of plants and gardening was akin to going to the gym (so long, HIIT!). But despite all their benefits, when it comes to purchasing indoor plants, we have one constant struggle: which one should we buy?
So, naturally, whenever we are in such a bind, a little astrological guidance rarely goes astray. In addition to the stars, we consulted the experts at Gro Urban Oasis, a Sydney-based concept store specialising in indoor gardens, to help us get to the bottom of our plant-buying dilemmas.
Curious to know which indoor plant is right for your star sign? Scroll on to find out.