The Power Of Plants

The Power Of Plants

The power of plants has been well documented. In addition to their air purifying super hero powers there is the wellness benefits they bring to us in our daily lives.

Their lush green works to boost our mood, increase our productivity, help our concentration and make our creativity flow. They reduce our stress levels, add an energy to our homes & offices and help reduce noise. They remove the toxins from the air and help produce oxygen & increase humidity.

With our minds currently over run daily with worry, concern and uncertainty, surrounding yourself with things that bring joy should be a priority. Immersing yourself in the beauty of nature or starting a new hobby to lose yourself in is something we take seriously at Gro Urban Oasis.

Our plants instore are perfect for that new project - regardless of your space size. Perfect to keep you company and offer a beautiful distraction. Who needs a book club when you can have a plant club. Zoom chat with your friends as you compare plant notes and brag about your babies growth!

So while you're out shopping quickly for essentials, come get your new plant love from us.

You can shop safely instore or online with us.