Top 5 Gift Ideas for dad

Top 5 Gift Ideas for dad
  1. Dad’s Desk

Why not spruce up dad’s desk?  Your desk is where so much action takes place, and it makes sense to create an atmosphere of calm and inspiration there if you can.  Think peace lilies and fruit salad plants for a calming zen. Our Combo offers means you can pick up a basket and a plant and save!

  1. Home Holiday?

Nothing says vacation like a palm tree, so celebrate your STAYCATION with one of our potted palm.  Try a parlour palm (25% off!) for fuss free fab - the perfect standalone piece or use it as a backdrop for that zoom meeting at home!

  1. The Handyman

…With garden tools you can’t go wrong. We have a great of walnut handled cultivators, pruners and large scissors, as well as stainless steel hand tools made to last.

  1. In Your Own World

We stock a range of great of completed terrariums, which are easy to look after, or terrariums kits, if your dad is a project kind of guy who might like to build his own.  Special offer 2 for $80 so you can get one for yourself too!

  1. Can you kill rocks?

Buy dad a succulent or cacti – the most forgiving of all plants when it comes to watering.  We stock a sensational range of designer and rare succulents and cacti, as well as making up bespoke bowls and mini gardens to order.  With 20% off, there’s no point delaying!

Other Father’s Day offers include 20% Monstera, Australian Natives and hedging plants till 5 Sept.


Hungry for Change

We are offering a great deal on our fabulous Hungry Bins for Father’s Day.  $494 includes and Hungry Bin, worms starter box and 3 bags of Eden potting mix – everything you need to start your failsafe home compost.