Valentine's Day 2023 - gifting ideas

Valentine's Day 2023 - gifting ideas

Are you a Valentine Grinch? Perhaps being romantic is simply not a natural part of your disposition and you scoff and sigh when your Insta feed cascades with diamonds, perfumes and red roses.

Some will say it is for the young or the foolish. Some are egregiously offended if the event is not honoured and they are overlooked. And even the Valentine Grinches among us, try as they might, cannot conceal their subdued delight when approached by a stranger offloading a magnificent, surprise bouquet.

Regardless of how you feel about Valentine’s Day, it’s here to stay and before you cancel the entire event on your calendar, let’s take a moment to understand its origins in order to appreciate its symbolism and its significance.

The Saint Valentine of Valentine’s Day was one or more Christians that were martyred on February 14th 269, for preaching the good word in Rome. Though this has no connection to the tradition of gift-giving and romantic card swapping witnessed today. That was all Geoffrey Chaucer’s doing.

Chaucer, known as the “father of English literature”, created a connection between Saint Valentine and love celebrations. The first written connection between love and Valentine’s Day appears in his poem, Parlement of Foules written in the late 14 th century. He appears to have simply invented the correlation and chalked it up to poetic license.

Shortly after Chaucer mentioned love on Valentine’s Day, lovers began to send each other love poems every February 14 th and have continued to do so for over 500 years. It has become a legacy of love, even though it is unrelated to the martyrs in Rome.

Valenine’s Day may not be the most important day of the year for some, but for many it is. Perhaps we are recollecting a love lost or celebrating a new one. We must respect that and suppress the urge to diminish or discount the experience and the significance of the day for those that are missing their significant other, just as we respect those who are missing parents on their respective days of
celebration on the calendar.

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year where the most gallant of gestures and expressions of love and admiration are welcomed and forgiven. In fact, the bigger a fool you make of yourself, the better.

However, for the rest of us who shy away from romantic overtures, a considered gift is the next best option. Being shy, however, doesn’t mean being unoriginal. You can still make an impact and retain your dignity.

Cut flowers, are only beautiful while they last and the same can be said for chocolates in the middle of February. This year, make your Valentine’s Day gift a living one that will grow along with your love.

We have an endless variety of indoor plants to choose from. Why not go with an easy-care, Heart Leaf Philodendron and pair it with one of our ceramic pots or hanging baskets? Valentine Hoyas or Love Heart Hoyas are a slow-growing plant with vines that flourish up to three metres or more. There’s the dainty, Chain of Hearts that always looks at home high on a bookshelf or in a hanging pot, or take a look at our Heart Leaf Ferns for a classic, low maintenance, indoor plant with its lush, dark, green foliage.

If it’s colour that you’re after, you can’t go past a stunning orchid. Vibrant and fragrant, our Phalaenopsis orchids will reward you for months under the right, growing conditions.

For the sweetheart who has everything, take a look at our limited edition Kokedamas, these come in a small and medium size and make a great first living gift!

Plan a romantic picnic on one of our Saarde, Jakar, Beach Blankets. These are double sized and come in four colours. Made from 100% Turkish cotton and featuring a vintage, geometric print, these unique blankets may be used as a couple’s beach towel or throw.

Be sure to pack a Saarde grazing platter or bread board. Made from repurposed mango wood sourced from mango trees past their best fruit-bearing years. This means the wood is given a new lease of life, lessening carbon emissions and creating a sustainable resource.

Pop it all in your Saarde, 100% cotton canvas Journey tote. These bags are available in three colours, dyed to achieve a vintage wash, a process that creates a unique result, these bags are the perfect solution for your picnic, shopping, beach or baby needs and are as practical as they are beautiful.

Create a romantic mood at your home-cooked, Valentine’s dinner with Saarde’s The Alev Candle Holders. These are handmade by artisans using traditional woodturning techniques and repurposed mango wood. They suit both pillar and tapered candles. You’ll find variations in shape, wood grain, colour, and surface. These imperfections are what we love about them and you will too.

Take the guess work out of Valentine’s Day with an Urban Oasis Gift Pack. Featuring a vegan-friendly, Urban Oasis candle, hand poured in Byron Bay with 100% soy wax. Choose from four fragrance blends in our collection and lose yourselves with 50 hours of burn time.

Your bad hair days will be a thing of the past when you wake refreshed every morning with our 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. These are gentle on your skin and naturally hypoallergenic. Available in a range of stylish colours to suit your existing bedroom décor.

Now there’s no excuse to be a Valentine Grinch with an abundance of romantic gift ideas to consider.

*Offer available from 18.01.23 - 19.02.23 or until stocks lasts. Some stock may vary by store. 

Amalia Longin