Welcome to July

It’s cold outside, and you probably have the heater on and a few layers of clothing, but have you thought about what it’s like to be an indoor plant?   What they really want is a consistently warm, bright position with humid air and regular water, but what they normally get is dark, cold and dry, with the occasional burst of burning hot air when the heater is turned on!  Even things out for them by following these simple tips:

  • Give them as much light as possible
  • Mist them with water whenever you have a moment, but at least twice a day is optimal
  • Increase the humidity in your room by placing a bowl of water near the heater, leaving the door open to your bathroom when you shower or having some vases of fresh flowers around
  • Move plants away from cold drafts or hot air from heaters
  • Take a break from feeding
  • Ease back on watering and only use tepid water