Winter Plant Care

Winter Plant Care

In winter plants generally need the following care….

Winter can be a great time to garden as the weather is cool overnight, but frequently the days are perfect for outdoor exercise. It’s a great time of the year for a general clean up.

Many shrubs need pruning in winter, especially deciduous fruit trees, overgrown hedges or shrubs, and roses. This is done in the middle of winter. Aside from rose prunings, clippings can be mulched or composted and returned to the garden.

While plants are dormant, treat common problems like rust, scale, white fly, aphids, and red spider, with lime sulphur. Eco or Pest oil is also useful for cold water on plants

Be mindful of watering late in the day, as cold water on plants overnight can be harmful. Winter can also be a very windy time of the year, so compensate for the desiccating effects of this with a good soak once a week in the morning.

Think about applying some Drought Shield to your garden if you have sensitive plants and are in a frost prone area. It can prevent damage.