Colours and textures of the Season

The long shadows of winter create a muted colour scheme that echo in the latest styling. Colours are winter sunshine, sunset pinks, rhubarb, golds, earth, and soft green is the new neutral. 

Our buying team have found these seasonal shades and are stoked to be bringing the latest pots and baskets to you from our exclusive imports range we designed ourselves. These include the Bhodi basket range in sage and eggshell cream, the Ball basket in sage, the Weft pot green, Taiko Gold concrete pot and Winnie basket in warmer sunset tones.  Team them with Cordylines in sunset pinks, ruby shade and blackcurrant tinges for a striking combo that will warm your home.

Professional stylists love to add texture to homes.  It not only makes photos look great, but it also makes you feel cosy and connected in the cold weather, making it the perfect addition for winter.  You can add texture in a number of ways.  Layering different textures from metallic, to wood, concrete, upholster and basketware can create visual interest.  Plants play an integral role too, with the glossy leaves of favourites like fruit salad plant and peace lilies contrasting with the finer textures of ferns and air plants. 

Glass terrariums have their own gleam, and kokedama balls of natural twine and moss a baubles of texture! Even succulents and cactus contribute to texture with their swollen leaves and spines. Vases of seed pods, grasses and dried flowers or fronds can also add another natural, textural element, and can even be incorporated as hanging elements.