Holiday at Home

Holiday at Home

Add Some Plants and You’ll Be Cruising…from your own backyard!


Home really can be a haven, but adding greenery helps create a tranquil, serene space.  It’s well documented that the colour green can have a calming effect; it’s no coincidence that actors wait in green rooms after all.  Most people say that the colour reminds them of nature, and it’s this link that soothes the soul.  Instead of painting the walls green, why not just cut straight to the chase and add some nature to your interiors and use plants to create your own oasis at home…that way you’ll always be on holiday!

There are so many ways you can add Greenlife indoors.  Try terrariums, hanging baskets, trailing plants, large impact specimens, window boxes and even air plants on the fridge! You don’t have to go crazy, but the research is there to back that the air will be better inside of you have plants cleaning it for you. Palms in pots will give you a tropical feel, and they are really well suited to containers, lasting years.  Select the right one for your position though, as most prefer the shade if planted outside.  We stock the classic Rhapis palm, which is a suckering type perfect for large containers in under cover areas, or inside your home. Golden cane palms are also great for both indoor and outdoor positions.

Outside, think lush green leaves for hedging.  Radermachia ‘Summerscent’ is perfect for screens, and it has beautiful scented white flowers through summer and autumn that will make your backyard green and lightly perfumed.  It can also grow in sun or shade, and even inside in bright positions.  For sunbaked spots, we have a great range of oleanders, which will flower for about 9 months of the year and are drought tolerant too.

Climbers are another great tool for disguising boundaries and making the most out of your vertical assets.  Self-clinging vines, like Boston Ivy, will be luscious green in summer, stunning red in autumn and then bare in winter, giving it year round interest.  Others, like Chinese star jasmine, are perfumed in spring and summer when they’re covered in white flowers, and evergreen the year round.  Both will tolerate shade or sun, and are a hardy, trouble free choice.  For the ultimate holiday at home, plant a frangipani.  Nothing quite says ‘island escape’ like it, and the many months of fragrant flowers that it produces are unrivalled.