Spring Trends 2022

Spring Trends 2022

Spring is an opportunity to revitalise, replenish, restore and renew not only ourselves but our homes which are an extension of ourselves. So it makes absolute sense to begin at home.

Nature is not only a source of endless inspiration, it provides the raw materials we require to manifest our ideas, the results of which continue to inspire others to dream and to manifest. It is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

The unforeseeable events of the last few years combined with climate change and a growing, collective conscience has resulted in a noticeable shift away from mass production, fast fashion and fast homewares. We are actively seeking out the unusual, the unique and the old. We want durable, natural fibres, raw stone and timber, quality over quantity. We are embracing, even emphasising imperfections in natural stone and wood after all, that’s precisely what makes them unique. 

Let’s break it down. 

There is no more effective and faster way to revitalise any space than with plants. Plants aren’t budging as far as biophilic trends go this season, whether you opt for an indoor jungle, indoor, vertical garden or a single, carefully considered, statement piece. 
A tall, glossy strelitzia or Kentia palm gives the impression of a luxe space and high ceilings. Position near a window out of direct sunlight, in that empty corner of your living room or in a bright, spacious foyer. Consider also an indoor tree. An olive, with its dainty, silver canopy and bony, grey trunk or even a lemon tree will make a great talking piece and instantly evoke a Mediterranean atmosphere. 
At Eden Gardens you’ll find a healthy variety of baskets and ceramic pots to compliment your plant and home. We love earthy tones for spring 2022 from soft terracottas and olives to mustards and ochres. Take a look at our Remy planter range, available in three sizes. Every shade of green continues to reign in our homes and wardrobes this season and this hearty olive will look just as good on your book case, as it will on your bedside or bath.


Spring is the ideal time to take stock of your existing plants. A good plant parent will now ensure their babies are well fertilised and transferred into larger pots to promote growth and give roots room to thrive throughout the warmer months. Besides, replanting is always a good excuse to come into Eden Gardens and marry your overgrown plant baby with a fresh, new pot or basket. For something a little different, make a statement with our Yana Hanging Basket. You’ll find they instantly elevate your home whatever your style. Be sure to preserve and recycle your old pots for a younger plant or try re-gifting with a new plant/old pot combo and ask one of our friendly team members to gift wrap it for you!

Consider the pieces you’re planning to surrender at your next council clean up. Can that old, timber chair, desk or closet be stripped and sanded down to its raw state? Experiment with a steel brush to create grain and texture, add beeswax or milk paint. Cover the doors with embossed wall paper and seal. Replace the top with marble, add a mirror or a bold, herringbone tile, the possibilities are endless. Your DIY projects reward in countless ways; they add both monetary and sentimental value. The process itself is therapeutic and rewarding. Your family or friends will enjoy and treasure your work for generations. 

When we look for signs of renewal in the natural world, the focus is on our senses. All around us, we see young, green shoots sprouting from naked limbs regardless of the age of the tree. Heady scents pervade the air, and the anticipation of long days and warm nights ignite our zest for life once more. Much like the tree, a few small additions can make an old couch seem new again and the easiest way to achieve this is with cushions! Introducing Maison Rapee’s Montepelier Milk. Even the name sounds dreamy. They are just the right amount of crisp and white and linen. It’s the cushion we’ve all been waiting for. After months of rain this winter, its time to open windows wide, coax in the sunshine and cleanse the musty air trapped within our homes, in our soft furnishings and even our lungs. To enhance this process, introduce a fresh, home fragrance like our new Urban Rituelle range. Try the zesty lemongrass, lemon myrtle, grapefruit and eucalyptus or mandarin, basil and lime. These are available in diffusers, candles, body lotions, hand creams and soap bars.

It’s often the smallest adjustments, whether they be in our home or in our hearts that make the biggest changes and deliver the greatest rewards.