STYLING SPACES: A guide to styling with plants in your home

STYLING SPACES: A guide to styling with plants in your home

1. Take your plant styling efforts to the next level. Pebbles or coconut fibre on top of soil can look visually neater and can minimize soil mess! Use one color of pebbles or a mix of earthy colored or jade pebbles to suit and satisfy your eyes. You can even get creative and create patterns with your pebbles on the top soil of your pot plants!

2. Groupings of odd numbers (3,5) tend to be more visually pleasing and are more effective in drawing in the onlooker! Odd numbered groupings cause you to naturally observe more than just the grouping but the room as well! Psychologically a group of 3 is more appealing and engaging to your eyes gaze and is more memorable than a group of 2/even numbered group. In plant styling there are many ways to create this grouping effect! It doesn’t have to be just pots and plants. Candles, diffusers, ornaments, vases, books even skin care products on your dressing table all look beautiful in a cluster with a plant! FOR THE NEXT LEVEL PLANT LOVER: A pot plant, a terrarium and a kokedama all in one grouping will look like a unique plant paradise that will be impossible for your guests to miss!

3. Something to remember when it comes to groupings is the same size is silly! Think of it as a school photo, if everyone were standing on the same level would we see the people behind the first row? The answer is NO! Choose a range of shapes, sizes and heights when putting together a grouping. The tallest items should be in the back, the shortest in front. Just like any photo you take of a group! This creates visual dimension, meaning through levels, colours and shapes it will be more pleasing and exciting to the eye!
• Mix texture! Texture is such an easy and fun way of adding visual interest to your home styling spaces. Throw a basket into the mix or a sand textured or ribbed pot! Not sure what textures are out there for planter pots and baskets? Think embossed, rattan, matte painted, glazed, reactive glazed and timber….the list of texture goes on and on.Texture instantly breaks up sameness and adds some extra visual excitement! There are so many fun and beautiful planter pots and baskets out there with creative textures to suit your spaces!

4. If you are somebody that dreams of creating an indoor jungle, make the effort to match your pots or you’ll find your jungle will start looking chaotic and messy. Pots should match or complement each other in groupings and clusters as well as in the same areas. Some people love the miss match and have a variety of styles they are drawn to! For example, a mix of white and blush with black and gold luxe doesn’t quite make sense. If this is you, I would recommend keeping a theme confined to each room! There you get the best of both worlds and avoid the visual chaos.

5. Are you a minimalist? One plant in a simple pot can do so much without overwhelming a space. A plant is a perfect cherry on top in minimal styling. Not only does it add a subtle sprinkle of colour and interesting shape, but it also literally refreshes the air and creates a fresh atmosphere, exactly what a minimalist LOVES! Whether it be a small Spider plant on a desk or a grand tall Fiddle leaf fig on the floor, plants are a minimalist’s style best friend. The less is more principle is very true!

6. The Colour Rules. Choose pots all in one colour, two colours or max three colours. If you’re a lover of multiple colours I recommend sticking to a maximum of 3 colours when styling your home. Different shades of one colour are an effective way for those who love colour to feel like they’re still using a lot! I always say white doesn’t count as one of your three colours and you can always use it in all styling you do. Sticking with one sole pot colour will make the plants stand out and be the stars of the show. It’s also important to consider your existing home space. For example, If you’ve got a fully white painted white decorated house it’s better to go for white pots. If you have a house with accents of pink you can go for pink pots. Something to steer clear of is choosing colours that don’t match your existing space. Don’t choose a yellow pot if there isn’t any yellow in your space or if your home is styled with black and grey don’t choose a pink pot, it won’t match and will look odd in comparison to the rest of the space.

7. Plants can be styled into every room! Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. On tables, on shelves on the floor etc! Provided the room has access to a source of natural light a range of indoor plants will thrive! Certain plants may work better in some rooms more than others. Each plant is living and breathing and require different conditions. Ferns love humidity so the bathroom is a great home for it, Devils Ivy grow long and trail so a high shelf in an office would be perfect, Rubber Plants thrive in bright light so by a large window in a living area will be quite impressive! If you’re not sure about which plants to choose for your styling space, assess the light levels in each room and talk to our Gro Urban Oasis plant specialists for expert advice!

8. Hanging plants and tall plants = vertical style! Hanging plants are the BEST when you’re a plant obsessed person who has no space for plants on your floor or table surfaces! Tall and hanging plants break up a blank wall or space without having to hang up a picture or painting. A tall or hanging plant will never go unnoticed! A tall plant looks stunning in a corner of a room. Two tall plants on either side of a doorway framing the entrance is visually stunning and gives a sense of grandeur. There are a range of hanging planter pots on the market or you can opt for the seventy’s revival of the macrame pot hanger. Embrace the ceiling!

9. Everyone has their own preference for this tip but there are certain types of plants that work visually better with a certain type of pot. A patterned pot will work better with plants with plainer leaves such as Peace Lilies, Strelitzias, Rhipsalis etc. A plain pot will work great with plants like Calatheas, Dieffenbachia, Marble Queens etc where their foliage is much more patterned and prominent.

10. Don’t be afraid to hop onto Pinterest and fill your mind up with ideas and inspiration. Styling plants is not as easy as it seems! Creating an urban jungle is fun but can easily become chaotic and messy and yes it gets frustrating when you can’t seem to get it right! I recommend this to anyone who is passionate and keen to create a home haven but might be lacking confidence. Plants are the best home decorators with so many visual and health benefits! Have fun and enjoy your plant journeys and watch your living spaces come to life!


Ten top tips by Jasmin Smith