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Trending Now

With working from home sticking around for now, outdoor spaces that work and stealing hidden nooks and transforming them into functional areas are all BIG.  This might look like a pull-down table from a wall, a built-in bench seating in a courtyard against a retaining wall or even a sneaky little outside bar or al fresco bathroom.

As the weather cools, think fire pits, oversized tubs with citrus, and sculptural pieces outdoors that become unique focal pieces.  Texture is huge too, and just like wallpaper is making a comeback in interiors, outside try hanging vertical screens on your walls that add depth and interest.

Travertine is right on trend, and at Eden we stock some interesting concrete pots with great colour and texture that create a contemporary look in your courtyard.  Colour is back too, with gum nut green, soft peach and rich earthy tones colliding to give an updated Mediterranean atmosphere.

Bars at home

Once you have created an outdoor drinks area, add some instant pizazz to your cocktails and grow your own garnish.  Try borage which has cucumber flavoured stems and edible bright blue flowers.  Bowls of mint (peppermint, spearmint, and common mint), and a potted lemon and lime complete the mixing menagerie.

Outdoor bathrooms

Yes, bathing in an outdoor tub, relaxing in a spa or simply showering al la natural and all on trend and great for cleaning up after a hard day in the garden or rinsing off salt and sand after a day at the beach.  Thing is, nobody wants the neighbours getting a glimpse, so screen off the area effectively with plants that grow bushy from top to bottom.  In shady areas, a clump of Lady Palms, or Rhapis, are the perfect choice.  In sunnier spots, think lillypillys.  The trick is to make sure whatever you use is soft to the touch and doesn’t mind a splash of water every now and again!

Focal Points

Once you have hidden the outdoor bathroom, you probably want to create a spot that attracts attention elsewhere!  Consider planting a vertical garden for a living green feature wall, investing in a piece of sculpture or a hanging work (like our wonderful woolen habitat pod pieces by Saskia Everingham) that can be a talking point as well as attract a different kind of wildlife!


By: Meredith Kirton