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Rocky Point Activgrow Soil Improver 30Ltr

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ActivGrow is a tried and tested organic soil improver, designed to be a no-fuss solution for home gardeners.


A much loved product that reinvigorates tired soil. Simply add it to your garden beds and turn in with your existing soil for healthier gardens. 


This potent product is supercharged with over eight active ingredients including a blend of organic compost, composted chicken and cow manure, blood and bone, gypsum, fish meal, seaweed extract, iron, zeolite and trace elements. This ensures your plants are healthier, producing brilliant colour and increased yields. All of these ingredients combine to create a balanced nutrient rich growing environment to ensure spectacular growth.


This ActivGrow is suitable for all garden types, but is most popular for preparing vegetable gardens.

Rocky Point Activgrow Soil Improver 30Ltr

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