Grow What Where and How: A Dummies Guide to Indoor Plants

Grow What Where and How: A Dummies Guide to Indoor Plants

As the colder weather drives most of us indoors where it’s warm, it’s natural that we turn to indoor plants to create a winter garden.  Indoor plants create a sense harmony and wellbeing, but only if they are thriving.  Finding the right plant for each spot inside is crucial, as is responding to the different care needs that winter creates.  Check out our blogs on bathroom plants and plants for every living space for more details.

Some handy guidelines:

  • Indoor plants need more direct light to bloom well
  • Large leafed plants tend to accept lower light levels.
  • Ferns like moisture so keep a sauce under them or mist them

  • Succulent plants and begonias, can tolerate drying out slightly in between drinks
  • Terrariums create their own atmosphere so cope well in air-conditioned areas
  • Rhapis palms are hardy to low light positions

Winter Care Tips

  • All indoor plants benefit from a clean - wipe theirleaves pop them under the shower with tepid water for a rinse
  • Repot your indoor plants
  • Reduce water
  • Feed fortnightly with liquid fertiliser

 By: Meredith Kirton