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Rocky Point Organic Health Garden Soil 30L

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From seed to harvest, our organic* soil is the key to healthy plants and a healthier you. Healthy soils can raise nutrient levels in the food we eat. Rocky Point’s Organic*

Health Garden Soil contains balanced levels of essential nutrients allowing the maximum uptake for all varieties of leaf, fruit, and root vegetables. Achieve rapid harvests, and faster food production that’s fresh and ready to eat. Organic* Health Garden Soil improves water absorption and nutrient holding capacity.

Our soil is easy to use, long-lasting and can even improve existing soil structure. Perfect for all garden and plant types, this soil is truly exceptional. This beneficial microbial rich soil is a first of its kind with no fillers and guaranteed to give you long lasting results. Organic Health is the perfect mix of ingredients and organic compounds such as zeolite, high mineral gypsum, microbes, seaweed, compost and more. Combined they deliver nutrition immediately, create stronger healthier more disease and pest resistant plants. Revitalise your garden with the power of nature, choose our Organic* Health Garden Soil for healthy plants, and a healthier planet!

Rocky Point Organic Health Garden Soil 30L