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Brunnings Coir Peat Brick 9Ltr

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Brunnings Coir-Peat brick is an organic, lightweight growing medium that is an ideal soil conditioner & potting mix additive. Coir-Peat originates from coconut husk fibres making it 100% natural.


Brunnings Coir-Peat, when added to soils, will condition the soil, increase water-holding capacity and improve plant growth. It loosens hard clay soils and will remain in the soil for up to 5 years. 


Coir-Peat is the ideal additive when making your own potting mixes, planting pots or hanging baskets, or in flower beds or vegetable patches. It is also widely used also in reptile tanks, hydroponics and worm composting.

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Brunnings Coir Peat Brick 9Ltr